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 CHICANE (Electronica)

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Chicane is an electronic dance music act, and the project of English musician and record producer Nick Bracegirdle. He was born on 28 February,[verification needed] 1971, in Chalfont St Giles, Buckinghamshire.

Chicane is known for the singles "Offshore", an Ibiza dance anthem included in thousands of compilations in both chill-out and dance versions; "Saltwater", which featured vocals by Clannad member Máire Brennan and is one of the most well-known and popular singles of the trance genre; and the UK number-one hit "Don't Give Up", featuring vocals by Bryan Adams, and also a top ten hit on singles charts across Europe.

Far from the Maddening Crowds, Chicane's debut album, is still considered a seminal release among the trance music community, while the second album, Behind the Sun, was certified gold in the UK. In 2007, after the hindrance of an ultimately unreleased album in the intervening time, Somersault was released on Bracegirdle's independent record label.

In addition, Bracegirdle also worked under the aliases Disco Citizens, producing a handful of less radio-friendly, vocal-less tracks with a stronger progressive house sound. Working with singer Vanessa St. James and producer Mr. Joshua, Bracegirdle was part of the Mr. Joshua Presents Espiritu project, known for the song "In Praise of the Sun", released with both English and French vocals. Nick has also gone by the name "Rebel Transcanner" to produce a remix of Tomski's "14 Hours To Save The Earth." Nick Bracegirdle has also used the alias Sitvac to produce a one-time single, "Wishful Thinking."


* 1997 Far from the Maddening Crowds
* 1999 Chilled (EP featuring remixes of previously released songs)
* 2000 Behind the Sun #10 UK
* 2003 Easy to Assemble
* 2007 Somersault
* 2007 Far From The Maddening Crowds (Re-release)

Compilation albums:
* 2001 Visions of Ibiza (various artists, compiled by Chicane)


* 1996 "Offshore EP"
* 1996 "Offshore" #12 IRL #14 UK
* 1997 "Sunstroke" #20 IRL #21 UK
* 1997 "Offshore '97" (with Power Circle) #17 UK
* 1997 "Lost You Somewhere" #35 UK
* 1998 "Red Skies"
* 1998 "Strong in Love" (with Mason) #32 UK
* 1999 "Saltwater" (with Maire Brennan) #6 UK #14 IRL #31 AUS
* 2000 "Don't Give Up" (with Bryan Adams) #1 UK #6 AUS #11 IRL
* 2000 "No Ordinary Morning" / "Halcyon" (with Tracy Ackerman) #28 UK
* 2000 "Autumn Tactics" (with Justine Suissa) with #44 UK
* 2003 "Saltwater 2003" (with Máire Brennan) #43 UK
* 2003 "Love on the Run" (with Peter Cunnah) #33 UK #50 AUS
* 2003 "Locking Down" (promo only)
* 2004 "Don't Give Up 2004" (with Bryan Adams) #43 UK
* 2006 "Stoned in Love" (with Tom Jones) #7 UK #23 IRL #43 AUS
* 2007 "Come Tomorrow" (download or CD promo)
* 2007 "Offshore 2007" (Promo Only)
* 2008 "Spirit" (promo only)
* 2008 "Bruised Water" (Chicane vs. Natasha Bedingfield) (promo actually - official release soon)

Disco Citizens:
* 1995 "Right Here Right Now"
* 1996 "Footprint"
* 1997 "Footprint '97"
* 1998 "Nagasaki Badger"

* 1996 "Wishful Thinking"

Selected remixes:
* 1996 Everything But the Girl – "Before Today"
* 1996 Tomski – "14 Hours To Save The Earth" (as Rebel Transcanner)
* 1997 BT – "Flaming June"
* 1998 José Padilla – "Who Do You Love"
* 1999 B*Witched – "Blame It on the Weatherman"
* 1999 Bryan Adams – "Cloud Number Nine"
* 1999 Billie Ray Martin – "Honey"
* 2004 Enigma – "Boum-Boum"
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What exactly did you mean by that? We encourage a well-structured discussion rather than posting a simple emoticon...

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CHICANE (Electronica)
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