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 BRAINDANCE (Progressive Darkwave)

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(Thanks to ioana`s room)

1992. A songwriting alliance between producer/guitarist Vora Vor and vocalist/lyricist Sebastian Elliott leads to the formation of Braindance, a New York City project manufacturing a brand new genre of music - Progressive Darkwave. Combining the elements of goth, industrial, electronic, synthpop and darkwave with progressive metal, progressive trance, vocal house, and modern classical music, Braindance quickly becomes one of the most distinctive voices in the New York City underground.

1994. Braindance releases the mini-EP Shadows, featuring bassist Eiki Matsumoto and percussionist Rob Notorious, and subsequently begins performing their unique blend of music in venues in and around the New York City area.

1996. Joined by keyboardist/backing vocalist Robynne Naylor, the band releases their first full-length album, Fear Itself. Considered by many to be 'a new rung on the evolutionary ladder of modern music,' Fear Itself delivers matured songwriting, superior production, and breathtaking packaging that become a Braindance trademark. Through word of mouth, live performance, and the overwhelming support of independent, underground press, radio, and fans worldwide, Fear Itself becomes one of the largest selling self-produced discs anywhere.

1998. Following three years of performances throughout the Northeast, parting ways with drummer Notorious, and replacing bassist Eiki Matsumoto with Chicago native Andy Bunk, the band begins the process of creating their long-awaited follow up to Fear Itself, Redemption.

2001. Independently released via their web site, Redemption brings the vision of Braindance to a staggering new level, and sells out of its first two limited pressings immediately. Representatives from the progressive, industrial, darkwave, gothic, and metal communities hail the release as a marvel of musical innovation, songwriting intellect, and unprecedented vision.

2003. Braindance enlists new musicians to support Redemption. Julliard graduate Beka fills the keyboardist/backing vocalist position, drummer Jonah David of the Matisyahu band contributes his versatility, and bassist David Z from Joan Jett and the Trans-Siberian Orchestra complete the lineup. Braindance spends the next three years packing New York City nightclubs, frequently appearing on underground television and conducting interviews from around the world.

2006. Production begins for Master of Disguise, the new Braindance album destined to take the world by storm…

…The future is upon us - and it's oh, so tasty…

braindance currently in production for new release
braindance is currently in production for their upcoming release, entitled master of disguise, which should be ready for mass consumption by the fall. promising to deliver the goods along the same musical lines as redemption, the long-awaited cd will contain tighter songwriting, explosive performances, and the official return of bassist extraordinaire andy bunk. furthermore, the packaging will contain the masterful contributions of designer kevin 'pavement k2000' beard, and the illustrative talents of joe 'sweetrot' simko, who was recently commissioned to design the official art and characters for the 2006 warped tour. check out his work at

Shadows, Redemption, Fear Itself

Va recomand Redemption e superb(a)!
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BRAINDANCE (Progressive Darkwave)
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